Thanks to the development of technology, there are many different options for surgeries nowadays. We can say that somebody defects are not destiny anymore, especially with plastic surgery. The patient can get rid of all kind of problems that they can think of with the surgeries that can be performed in the same day. At this point, arm lift surgery is known as the remarkable aesthetic operation of recent times.

What is arm lift surgery?

The skin of the arm that defined as the upper arm may sag for a number of reasons. First of all, age-related causes and frequent weight gain and loss can cause this problem. It should be clarified that those who suffer from discomfort when they raise their arm upwards suffer from this problem. Besides, those who wear short-sleeved shirts experience the same problem. This prolapses which will occur especially for women will have serious psychological and physical consequences. Nobody wants to have such an appearance. At this point, arm lift surgery can be performed. The expected results will be obtained with arm lift, which is the most remarkable surgery of recent years. Everyone is wondering why arm lift surgery is necessary. As we mentioned before it is observed that the skin loses its elasticity and fullness due to reasons such as weight gain and lose. In addition, some deterioration occurs in the structure of elastic and collagen fibers in the body with aging. The shrinkage that occurs in the subcutaneous fat layer also annoys many people. As a result, loosening and sagging of the body tissues are encountered. If these sags occur in the arm area, it may be possible to get rid of this problem with arm lift surgery and liposuction. Arm lift surgery is necessary for the reasons we mentioned above. The amount of fat tissues that occurs with sagging arms varies from patient to another. In other words, the condition of each patient who applies for arm lift surgery should be evaluated separately.

How should the arm lift surgery be planned?

There are many points to be considered when planning arm lift surgery. First of all, the technique to be used in the surgery is decided after taking look at the sagging rate of the skin as well as the thickness of the subcutaneous fat tissue. At this point, if there is a skin loosening due to rapid weight gain and loss, the thickness of the skin will be higher. In such cases, liposuction is performed also. After the liposuction procedure, the abundant skin is removed by surgical methods. We should also point out that in some cases, the abundance of skin is limited to the armpit. In such cases, a limited scar can be hidden under the armpit is left in order to collect the abundance of skin. In addition, in many cases, the abundance of skin is in a form of bagging that continues up to the elbow. In such a case, arm stretching is performed, leaving a trace on the back of the arm that extends from the armpit to the elbow. However, the trace we are talking about will not be apparent from both the front and rear view.

How is arm lift surgery performed?

Arm lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia or sedation as it is in other plastic surgeries. The sagging skin and excess fat tissue from the inner and back parts of the arm are removed. if necessary, liposuction is performed to other parts of the arm during surgery. Also, the incision is sewn in two layers. By the end of the operation, the arm is wrapped with a soft dressing. How long the arm lift surgery will take is another question asked by the patients who are willing to undergo arm lift operation. Liposuction may also be required prior to surgical stretching. At this point, we can emphasize that if liposuction is performed the operation time will be slightly longer. As conclusion, it should be said that arm lift surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours for each arm. “After the arm lift surgery, the patient should pay attention to themselves. In particular, it is mandatory to wear an arm corset for a week or ten days after the operation.“ Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz

What should be considered after arm lift surgery?

Arm lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia as we mentioned before. At this point, even if there is no risk after the operation, an overnight stay is recommended. Treatment with appropriate antibiotics and pain killers should be administered overnight. By this way, the patient will spend the night comfortably. We should emphasize that arm lift surgery does not have any risks other than the risks of general anesthesia surgery. However, if this operation is not performed by an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, the scar can be extremely dangerous. In addition, wounds and stitches can be opened and healed poorly. We should mention that there will be insufficient stretching after the operation. For all these reasons, arm lift surgery should be done correctly. It is also a matter of curiosity in which way arm lift surgery will be performed. In other words, it is questioned whether it is possible to be performed simultaneously with abdominal or leg lift operations! There is no harm with performing arm lift surgery together with other lifting surgeries. In fact, we should clarify that an arm lift surgery combined with liposuction will give much better results. Performing these two operations together will thin the subcutaneous adipose tissue as well as possibility of removing more skin. Although there is no risk associated with arm lift surgery, some people prefer to have only liposuction instead of this surgery. In such cases where the quality of the skin is good and there is no sagging, liposuction can be done alone. In addition to excess adipose tissue, if there is skin sagging, arm lift surgery should definitely be performed. After the operation, scars can be found in many places. These scars mostly occur in the area near the armpit or in the inside of the arm. However, these areas are the least visible from the outside. In addition, in cases where there is not much sagging, surgery scar occurs only in the armpit area.

How long is healing process after arm lift surgery?

After the arm lift surgery, the patient should pay attention to themselves. In particular, it is mandatory to wear an arm corset for a week or ten days after the operation. There will be less swelling thanks to the corset. In addition, it will shrink by sticking to the underlying tissues. It is possible to have a scar after arm lift surgery. However, having it permit hidden in a very good place is a significant advantage. We must say that the track which is not visible from the front and back is located in the inside of the arms. In addition, it should be noted that the scars will disappear after a while. In other words, it will become less prominent. Another thing that those who intend to have this surgery should know is that it is not possible to completely remove the scars that appear after the operation. While the human skin is healing, it definitely leaves a scar. However, we should also mention that the scars are at a level that will not be noticed in the long term. As a result, after a month, the scar will disappear. We should state that after about a year, there will be no permission left. It is necessary to rest for a while after the operation. However, it is possible for the patient to return to their normal life after four to five days. We have to state that the stitches will heal after 8-10 days. Finally, it is not possible for those who have had arm lift surgery to face the same problem again. The probability of excess skin is extremely low.