Mommy Makeover Turkey; Expectant mothers begin to think about the postpartum period before giving birth. It is extremely normal for expectant mothers to gain weight during a healthy pregnancy process. However, returning the weight gained during pregnancy is found in front of women who have just given birth as a serious problem. At this point, other women who see mothers who lose the weight they have gained in the shortest possible time, especially on social networking sites such as Instagram, also think about whether this is possible.

What is Mommy Makeover surgery?

Mommy Makeover surgery is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures designed to address the physical changes that many women experience after pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can have significant effects on a woman’s body, leading to changes such as sagging breasts, stretch marks, abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti), and excess abdominal skin.

Today, the desired conditions for losing weight after birth cannot be achieved due to both the active participation in working life and financial difficulties. Both time and financial are required to hire private sports trainers in order to lose weight in a short time with personalized diet programs or to do sports. In addition, losing weight is only possible in the long run with healthy eating programs. It may not be the same for every woman to regain its old form. In fact, body deformations that cannot be eliminated by sports will occur. We should mention an important operation becomes popular recently for mothers who want to eliminate the deformations that occurs in the body after birth as well as the weight gained during pregnancy. All these problems experienced by women are solved thanks to Mommy Makeover surgery, which has become fashionable in the world and makes it possible to reach the body form before pregnancy.

pros and cons of mommy makeover turkey istanbul

For women who have postpartum problems, a Mommy Makeover surgery may be a matter of concern. It is an operation that can be applied for women whose breasts become hollow due to breastfeeding, childbirth and frequent weight gain. In addition, we can say that women whose breasts sag due to breastfeeding also need such an operation. If there is loosening and cracks in the abdominal muscles and its surroundings, maternity aesthetics will again be needed. Women who have excess fat in areas such as hips, arms and legs can also benefit from maternity aesthetics. In conclusion, mommy makeover is performed for women whose birth and breastfeeding period is over.

What to consider before Mommy Makeover surgery in Istanbul Turkey?

Before the Mommy Makeover, first of all, what problems are in women’s bodies that should be determined. Tummy tuck operation is performed for those who have sagging and cracks in the abdominal area. In additional, regional degreasing is performed for those with excessive fat. Breast reduction operations are performed for those who have growth in their breasts due to various reasons, breast lift and breast augmentation for those who have ejaculation and sagging in their breasts, and arm lifting operation for those who have some sagging in their arms. At this point, when deciding which part of the body is problematic, the patients should talk to their doctor and follow his/her advice. In other words, after the necessary examinations, Mommy makeover Turkey can be decided.

Mommy makeover is necessary for some women in almost every part of their body. Especially after the birth, due to the rapid development of weight gain and loss process, very serious sagging occurs in the body. Therefore, women who have problems due to birth should benefit 100% from Mommy Makeover surgery.

As we mentioned above, Mommy Makeover consists of many different operations. It is performed under general anesthesia. As in any other aesthetic operation, some pre-operative rules should be followed in Mommy Makeover surgery:

  • Both alcohol and smoking should be stopped two weeks before the operation. Because, especially for smokers, the healing process will be long.
  • As in other aesthetic operations, it is necessary to stop using blood thinners at least two weeks before in Mommy Makeover surgery.
  • The patient should inform the doctor about any medications they use regularly before the operation. The use of some drugs may interface with the aesthetic operation.
  • Many mothers use slimming pills, vitamin pills or herbal tea to restore the weight they have gained at birth. However, they must be discontinued at least two weeks before the operation.
  • As a requirement of general anesthesia, it is necessary to stop eating and drinking at least six hours before the operation.

How is Mommy Makeover performed in Istanbul,Turkey?

As we mentioned before, multiple operations are performed at the same time for Mommy Makeover Turkey. The total duration of the surgery will also differ depending on the number and duration of the operation. However, we have to state that the surgery usually takes between three to five hours. Talking about the operations as follow;

It is one of the most important parts of Mommy Makeover. Since ejaculation or extinction occurs in the breasts after birth, breast augmentation or lift can be performed. In addition, some women experience breast enlargement due to weight gain after childbirth. Breast reduction surgery can also be performed in order to solve this problem. The purpose of the surgery for breast lift is also different. It is aimed to restore the sagging breasts to a more upright appearance. The scars caused by the incisions are made in the lower part of the breast which they turn into the same color as the skin after a while.

it also draws attention as a part of Mommy makeover surgery. Breasts grow as a result of pregnancy and weight gain. The growth of the breasts after a while creates weight by putting pressure on the back and waist. As a result, it is known that women suffering from this condition have extreme difficulty in choosing clothes. In additional, we can say that the sports activities that are planned to be done are getting harder. Breast reduction surgery is performed in order to find a solution to the problem that women who are alone with the problem of different breasts after birth. With the operation, it is possible for the breasts to look the same and equal. Excess tissue and fat in the breast are removed during breast reduction surgery. It should also be said that the stitch marks will not be visible when viewed from the outside, as they remain under the breast. After a while, the scars will turn into the same color as the skin as mentioned before.

Another application included in the content of Mommy Makeover is tummy tuck surgery. Tummy tuck surgery is performed in order to remove the stitch marks in women who have cesarean delivery and to collect the sagging abdominal skin at the same time. In additional, mini tummy tuck surgery is performed in order to remove excess fat in the abdominal area and to obtain a flatter abdomen.


it is a very popular application. With the fat removal operation, many people’s problems are solved radically. It is performed in areas of the body with excess fat. However, we should state that only fat from the neck area can be removed from the face area. In other words, it is beneficial in removing fat that cannot be removed from the body despite diet and sports.

it is one of the most sensitive operations of Mommy Makeover. The sagging problems of the vaginal lips, which occur after normal birth or with weight gain, are solved with vaginal aesthetic operation. During this procedure, the inner lips of the vagina are reduced. The vagina is narrowed so that the vagina returns to its prenatal state.

  • Mommy Makeover;

Mommy Makeover is an operation that should be done carefully due to the combination of many aesthetic operations. Although it varies according to the number of operations, the patient is asked to stay at the hospital for one to three days. In addition, the above-mentioned operations can be performed at the same time, if desired. However, depending on the situation, it may be performed every three months.

The patient can return to normal life after a few days after the operation.