One of the biggest problems for many women is the sagging of their breasts. At this point, those who want to detect the sagging condition in their breasts should look at the position of their nipples. We should clarify that there will be no problems if the tips are under-breast fold. However, it should be said that there is a slight sagging if the nipple is at the same level with the sub-breast fold. Also, if it goes under the sub-breast fold, a serious breast sagging can be mentioned.


As a result, breast lift surgery is performed to correct the problem of sagging breasts. We can say that it is a very useful process for solving this problem. Many people wonder whether breast lift surgery is mandatory. However, there is no non-surgical method that can correct the problem of sagging breasts. In other words, if the patient wants to eliminate the problem of sagging, they have to have breast lift surgery!

How is Breast Augmentation with silicone implants surgery performed?

Its other name is mastopexy. With this surgery, a solution is found for the sagging problem experienced by the breasts that do not have any problems in their volume. In other words, it is done to recover the sag. During the surgery, the excess breast skin is removed. Also, the breast tissue is shaped. The nipple is brought to the ideal position and the dark colored area around it is reduced. In this way, a brand new and upright form is given to the breast.

There are multiple reasons for performing breast lift surgery. First of all, a new look will be given to the breast that loses its hardness, becomes hollow and sagging. Also, the nipple facing down due to sagging can draws attention as a problem that been experienced by many women. Thanks to breast lift surgery, this problem can also be solved. If a breast is much softer and saggy compared to the other breast, an unpleasant appearance occurs. A solution to this problem will also be found with breast lift surgery.

While breast lift surgery is performed, a similar procedure is applied to breast reduction operation. In other words, we can state that the same principles and techniques are applied. Without any reduction in the breast tissue, some changes are made only to the shape of the breast. Also, the excessively enlarged dark area around the nipple is also reduced during the surgery. At this point, we can express that the surgery technique changes according to the breast type and shape. In the first level, there is no excess skin sagging, only breast prosthesis can be placed. By this way, breast lift and enlargement become possible without any noticeable scar.

The situation changes in second and third level of sagging. In such cases, we can say that there is an advanced loss of volume in the breast tissue. Therefore, excess skin must be removed. Therefore, better results are obtained by applying a breast prosthesis. Breast lift surgery ends at different times depending on the technique to be used and the operation to be performed. However, we can say that it takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours in general.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Augmentation with silicone implants?

It will not always be possible to get the desired results during breast lift surgery. At this point, we should explain that breast lift surgery will not have any effect for sagging breasts that do not have the necessary volume. In this case, breast prosthesis is also used to add volume to the breasts in addition to breast lift surgery. However, we should be clear that breast implants alone do not correct breast sagging. Only in very rare cases it can hold the nipple a little higher, which is already at the level of the lower breast line, by filling the breast tissue. Breast implants is only used for breast enlargement.

In order to explain that breast prosthesis does not mean anything by itself, we should mention the features of this operation. Breast prosthesis is a surgery performed especially for women who want to have large breasts. Breast enlargement with this procedure enables women to have much fuller, erect and aesthetic breasts as well as permanent. We can say that it is the most reliable and effective breast augmentation operation performed today. With this procedure, small breasts can be made to look fuller. Also, slightly sagging breasts are also made to lift with the effect of the prosthesis.

Problems related to breast aesthetics in women cause many problems. First of all, women who take on a much more insecure character also cannot wear what they want to wear. It is a well-known fact that women who suffer from many problems with their breasts cannot match what they wear to themselves and avoid even looking at themselves in the mirror. As a result, women can have the aesthetic appearance they want as soon as possible with breast prosthesis operation.

Breast prosthesis is performed under general anesthesia as in many aesthetic operations. We have to express that it takes between 1-2 hours. However, it should be clarified that the doctor takes into consideration the body structure and the patient’s wishes when calculating the breast prosthesis. In particular, doctors have a great role in determining where the prosthesis will be placed. Breast prosthesis is placed on the breasts from four different regions. Each region has its own characteristics, including the armpit, nipple, under the breast and around the belly. In other words, everyone should consult their doctor and plan the most appropriate breast prosthesis operation for them.

There are many prejudices about breast implants. However, this operation does not have any disadvantages or risks. Milk ducts are not touched during this operation. Also, no action is taken to damage the nerve tissue. By looking at the patient’s expectations and body characteristics, breast prosthesis can be placed under or over the muscle. After the placement of the prosthesis, aesthetic stitches are made. Breast prosthesis operation is completed with silicone.

In conclusion, we can say that the breast prosthesis alone will not work for sagging. Breast lift surgery is applied to solve sagging. This operation, which generally gives positive results, cannot meet the desired conditions in some cases. Especially in breasts that do not have the required volume, the erection process does not have any effect. At this point, breast prosthesis helps the breasts to gain volume. Then, breast lift operation is performed in order to eliminate the sagging. In other words, we can state that breast lift + prosthesis operation will give definite results for breasts where sagging and volume problems occur at the same time.

“After Breast Augmentation with silicone, sports bras or a special corset should be worn for at least four weeks“
Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz

Adding silicone implants to Breast Augmentation surgery;

Breast lift operation, which carries the nipple, lift the breasts and removes the excess skin, is generally appreciated. First of all, we can say that this application, which is popular among women who have saggy breasts changes their looking appearance. However, as we mentioned above, making breast prosthesis in addition to breast lift operation draws attention as the way to get the best result from all these operations. With these two operations the cup size of the breasts will increase. Also, it should be said that it will look much better than having a single operation.

Thanks to the breast lift operation, it will not be necessary to add too much volume to the prosthesis. The reason for this is that the breast lift operation brings the breasts to the correct position and shapes them. As a result, it would be the right decision for those who have sagging, uneven, very small breasts to include both breast lift and breast prosthesis operations together.