Breast Lift, Sagging Boob in Istanbul, Turkey;

Why is boob lift so important for women?

No need to mention how much the look is important for women! At this point, it is known that many women want to undergo breast lift surgery. However, those who want to undergo this operation must have some factors. It is not the kind of operation that everyone can benefit from.

As the number of aesthetic applications is increasing day after day, it becomes easier for women to achieve the look they want. It is possible for the breast, which loses its old appearance due to a number of reasons, to regain its form thanks to a breast lift operation.

One of the most important components of the female breast is fat. Serious sagging boob is experienced in the breasts due to some issues such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and continuous weight gain and loss. Boob uplift is one of the most suitable solutions for those who complain about sagging boob and want to have a more feminine appearance. Thanks to the development of technology, much more successful results are obtained from breast lift operations. For this reason, the number of people who want to undergo breast lift operation is increasing day after day.

Why is breast lifting (boob lift) surgery necessary?

Breast lift surgery is not an operation that should be done due to any health problems. At this point, we have to express that there is a choice. If the nipples viewed from the outside stay above the fold of the breast, we cannot say that there is any problem. However, If the breast goes down to the level of the fold line, it means that the problems have started. In other words, we can say that sagging started to occur. If the breast is below the fold line and the nipples are facing down, as a result, breast lift surgery can be performed.

For boob uplift surgery, a specialist doctor should be doing this operation in the best way. Whether the person will need surgery or not will be determined by the doctor. However, as in all aesthetic operations, the surgeon’s experience is very important when it comes to breast lift operation. If you are considering breast lift surgery, you should work with a highly experienced surgeon who can do this job in the best way. You should consider the cost of surgery as the second stage.

How is boob uplift surgery performed?

Boob uplift surgery is less popular compared to nose and ear aesthetic operations. Therefore, information about it is more limited. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia. We should clarify that the duration of the operation changes depending on which technique will be used. However, it is known to be a surgery that takes between two to four hours. A silicone prosthesis is placed under the breast for people who have slight sagging during surgery. Procedures similar to breast reduction surgery are applied to people whose mammary gland is sufficient but whose sagging boob is visible. However, there is no question of mammary gland reduction for such patients.

In cases where the mammary gland is quite insufficient, a silicone prosthesis is placed under the breast. Then, the abundance is collected in the skin, similar to the breast reduction technique. Removing the mammary gland is not possible.


As we mentioned before, breast uplift surgery cannot be performed for everyone. At first, the patient is examined on an outpatient basis. During the examination, the nipple location and the amount of the mammary gland are measured. What the patient’s expectations are also considered. If there is a slight sagging and the amount of mammary gland is at an acceptable level, a silicone breast prosthesis placed under the mammary gland can be used. With this operation, plump and erect breasts, which many women dream of, are revealed.

Many women have severe sagging boobs. If such cases are examined and the amount of mammary gland is sufficient at the same time, various recovery operations are applied by performing similar operations to breast reduction techniques. However, in some cases, besides excessive sagging, it is noticeable that the mammary gland is also insufficient. In such cases, a silicone prosthesis is first placed in the breast. As a result, breast recovers and improve its appearance.

Considering the above details, breast uplift surgery is an extremely difficult and demanding process. In particular, it is an operation that requires a technical knowledge level. The size of the prosthesis to be placed under the breast and the rate of recovery in the breast skin are decided during the surgery. Therefore, as we mentioned before, the patient should choose to seek service from a surgeon who has high knowledge and experience.

After Breast Lift Surgery, Sport Bras Or A Special Corset Should Be Worn For At Least Four Weeks

What happens after breast-uplifting surgery?

Breast uplift surgery is an extremely serious operation. Therefore, the process is not completed with surgery alone. There are many other actions that need to be considered in order to protect the health of the patient. At this point, ice compress treatment is started immediately after surgery. In addition, sports bras are worn for protection. No dressing is required except for the tapes on the stitches. After 24-48 hours of the operation, the drains placed in the surgery are removed. A shower can be taken a day or two after the drains are removed. Stitches are removed 15 days after the operation.

After boob uplift surgery, the sports bras should be worn for at least four weeks. Thanks to the sports bras, the patient is prevented from suffering after the operation. In other words, the patient feels more comfortable and safer. Immediately after the operation, the breasts, which are noticeable with edema, take the shape they should be after a while. However, the final form of the breast will differ between eight to ten weeks.

There may also be those who want to apply for breast uplift operation after pregnancy. At this point, there are mothers who want to know if they can continue to breastfeed their baby even if they have the operation. The continuation of milk-giving function differs according to many criteria. The chosen technique for boob uplift and the rate of sagging boob will determine whether the breastfeeding function continues. However, women who have just become mothers can continue to breastfeed their babies even if they undergo breast lift surgery. There will be no risk in this regard.

There is a possibility that the patient’s problems will continue after breast uplift surgery. Especially those who become pregnant again after the operation or those who gain and lose weight may cause sagging in their breasts. At this point, those who are considering breast lift surgery should be women who do not want to become pregnant again. In addition, we should be clear that women who do not have serious fluctuations in basal body weight are the most suitable candidates for the operation.

Are there any risks for breast lifting surgery?

It should be explained that some risks or complications may occur during boob lift surgery, as it is in other plastic surgeries. First of all, problems such as bleeding, blood loss or blood pooling in the tissue can be encountered. In addition, scar healing may be delayed or a significant scar may remain on the patient’s body. However, we must clarify that this situation is very exceptional. It is known that there is such a risk for those who have diabetes or those who have been smoking for years. Different treatment methods are used for those who are suffering from this problem.

It should be mentioned that there are risks such as infection, wound opening, inflammation and stitching. However, such problems are not so serious. In particular, the opened stitches can be sewn again.

How long does a breast uplift last?

Each patient’s body is different from each other, just like a fingerprint. It is natural for these different bodies to react differently to aesthetic operations. Factors such as your body’s reaction to surgery, lifestyle, and hereditary characteristics can all affect this timeline. Boob uplift surgery has an effect for about 15 years, but in some situations, this period can be up to 20 years.

Therefore, the durability of the results of breast uplift surgery depends on a case-by-case basis. However, the results will continue to satisfy you even if you need small touches for breast lift in the following years.

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What are the causes of sagging boobs in Istanbul?

Sagging boobs is a common problem seen in every woman. Although women do not like it, this situation is quite natural. There are two tissues in women’s breasts: fat and connective tissues. Since there is no muscle in the structure of the breast, there is no exercise to support this area. This situation should not worry you. If you understand what causes breast sagging, you can take the necessary measures.

Causes of sagging boobs:

Aging: We mentioned above that the breast consists of fat and connective tissue. As women age, the elasticity of connective tissues decreases. In other words, the tension of the breast decreases. This situation accelerates especially during menopause.

Gravity: The force of gravity, which we are exposed to without realizing it, acts more on objects with a large mass. In other words, since women with large breasts are exposed to more gravity, more sagging occurs.

Lack of proper support: Wearing unsupported bras can cause the shape of the breast to deteriorate. You can slow down the sagging of your breast by wearing a supported bra.

Smoking: Harmful substances in cigarettes cause your body to lose its elasticity.

Sunburn: Ultraviolet rays damage the skin and also cause loss of elasticity.

Large fluctuations in weight: Gaining weight increases the fat content in your body. Thus, your breasts also grow. Rapid weight gain and loss can cause your breasts to be constantly stretched. What you need to do is to maintain a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet.


Lack of Regional Exercise: Even the majority of women who are involved in sports do not work on the upper chest area. Lack of exercise in this area can also cause saggy breasts.

It is important to choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for sagging boob in Turkey. In Istanbul, you can find reputable plastic surgeons who specialize in breast procedures, such as Op. Dr. Şerif Yavuz. Our advice is to do extensive research, read reviews and schedule consultations to make sure you choose a surgeon who understands your goals and can provide safe and effective treatment.