Thanks to different aesthetic operations, people’s lives become much easier. Many people solve other problems, especially sagging due to aging or different reasons, thanks to aesthetic operations. At this point, you should continue reading our article to get information about rope applications, which is one of the most remarkable operations of recent years!  

What are Rope Applications?

We can say that it is in the category of non-surgical aesthetics. In this way, it is the choice of many people who are afraid of surgery. Skin due to aging; begins to sag and let go. The elasticity and firmness of the skin decreases. The facial features of people become more different every day. Aesthetic operations are used to stop and reverse this negative change in the skin. At this point, skin stretching and recovery is applied with threads called PDO, which are completely absorbed and lost by the human body, and threads in the PLA structure and threads with cone-shaped notches on it and melt in the body. Rope application; It is different compared to standard skin stretching applications. It should be stated that it is reliable and efficient. However, first of all, it is essential that the patient is examined by a physician. During the examination, the patient’s condition is evaluated. Patient; If it is found suitable for the operation, the process is started. The threads placed on the lower layer of the skin together with thread applications are completely absorbed within an average of seven months. In addition, the increase of collagen fibers is ensured in the same period. With the operation, the skin goes into the recovery process by resisting gravity. Everyone will notice that the skin renews itself as soon as possible after thread applications. The results of the operation will show itself on the skin in a maximum of one to 1.5 months. In addition, we should state that its lasting effect extends up to two years.

What Do Rope Applications Do? How is it done?

Get old; It is extremely annoying for both men and women. Everyone wants to get rid of the effects of aging as soon as possible. Sagging and wrinkles are the scourge of many people. Cream and other cosmetic applications only hide such signs of aging. In other words, they cannot be eliminated. At this point, thanks to the combination of technology and medicine, the defects in the face area are eliminated. Face lift application with a rope hanger; It draws attention as a method that many people regard as a miracle. It is a useful method to eliminate sagging and wrinkles on both the face and neck area. We should also mention that the traceless nature of ip applications is also a serious advantage.

Rope applications;

Since it is an extremely simple operation, patients return to their daily lives as soon as possible after the operation. This method; it is also called non-surgical face lift in many places. It is a method that works both in moderate facial sagging and eyebrow drooping. In addition, we should state that it is effective in eliminating the jowls in the neck and eliminating the deformations in the jaw line region. Rope applications; It is not performed under anesthesia as in other aesthetic operations. In addition, there is no situation that requires the patient to be kept under observation for one or more days. Patient; After the procedure, he can continue his normal life without any problems. Rope applications; It is done with melted threads in surgeries. Thanks to the specially designed threads for the sagging parts of the face, the face is stretched. It is especially offered as an alternative to surgical face lift operations. We should also state that it is combined with botox and filler applications in order to get full efficiency from this operation. Face lift with rope sling; It is a process that can be done in just thirty minutes. In addition, there will be no scars after the skin stretching procedure. However, as in every operation, some risks may arise in rope applications. There are fluctuations on the skin. However, even if such a problem occurs, we can say that it will disappear within a week at the latest. The permanence of the thread lift face lift application varies between 1.5 and 2 years, as we have said before. It will not need to be removed as it can dissolve in the body. PDO is added into thin needles while performing thread applications, known as non-surgical skin stretching application. By entering under the skin, the polydioxanone threads are left on the skin with the help of needles. These threads are; It replaces collagen and elastin, which are extremely necessary for the skin. It provides elasticity and rejuvenation in the sagging and loosening points of the skin. Rope hanger application; It is effective on the skin surface as well as under the skin. In this way, we can say that it is an extremely useful method for the skin. Rope hanger application; It stands out with its skin tone-regulating effect. We must say that it provides both healing and beautification of the skin. Another advantage of rope applications is the way they are applied. As everyone knows, swelling and bruises are experienced after many aesthetic operations. However, rope applications are made with anesthetic cream. So, we must say that there is no pain or aches. In addition to the short duration of the procedure, the threads will disappear on their own within six to eight months. In other words, the threads do not need to be removed. The fact that the permanence of thread applications is a minimum of two years is a situation that gives confidence to many patients. It is a well-known fact that patients who have concerns about this operation say they are glad after the application. The rope hanger technique has many other benefits. Increasing micro blood circulation is a serious advantage. In addition, we should state that the cells responsible for the repair mechanisms in the skin are activated. In addition, the collagen produced in the skin as a result of the operation creates the desired effect. Rope hanger application; It is also successfully applied to the arms, hips, chest and legs. In other words, it is a versatile application. “The Thread Suspension Technique Has Many More Benefits. Increasing Micro Blood Circulation Is A Serious Advantage. In addition, we should also state that the cells responsible for the repair mechanisms in the skin are activated. Also, the collagen produced in the skin as a result of the operation creates the desired effect. String Suspension Application; Arm, Hip, It is also successfully applied to the chest and legs. In other words, it is a versatile application.” Op.Dr. Serif Yavuz

In Which Regions Are Rope Suspension Applications Made?

Aesthetic interventions are extremely necessary in order to eliminate the sagging and wrinkles that occur with aging. At this point, we should mention that cosmetic surgeries are frightening for many patients. First of all, it is a serious problem to leave scars on the treated area of the body after the surgery. In addition, anesthesia also intimidates many patients. At this point, with the rope sling application developed for patients who do not like surgery, anyone who wishes can have the privilege of having an aesthetic operation. Rope hanger applications where there is no trace and pain; It is performed in areas such as the eyebrow area, crow’s feet, forehead lines, under-eye bags, laugh lines, sagging chin area, cheeks and jowls. We should state that it is applied to every desired point because it is traceless. Thanks to the thread applications, the patient will be under the effect of rejuvenation as he imagined. However, we must state that rejuvenation is not the only benefit of the operation. It is a very useful method for skin regeneration and closing of pores. Another advantage is that needles provide stimulation to heal some wounds. With thread applications that provide collagen production in the skin, the daily routine is immediately returned. In addition, results are obtained as soon as possible after the operation. However, it is necessary to wait between four and six weeks to get clear results. You can also benefit from rope applications by considering the above criteria.