Considering today’s conditions, we can say that people do not see their troubles as a destiny. Those who experienced discomfort due to the appearance of nose or ears in the past years could not take any action due to unfavorable conditions. However, aesthetic operations are becoming more and more popular every day. In addition to ear and nose aesthetics, abdominal, arm and finally back lift operations have also become popular lately.

At this point, if you also complain about your health problems, you can find a solution to this problem with back lift treatment.

What is back lift surgery?

If you are a person who often gains and loses weight, after a while, serious sagging problem will occur in your body. In addition, these types of problems are experienced with the effect of aging and hormones. Significant volume increasing occurs in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Also, there is relaxation in the muscles. There is a decrease in skin elasticity. 

Especially with weight loss, there is a significant decrease in the amount of tissues. However, the skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue and regional muscles cannot be recovered as much as they should be. With the expansion of the skin, the elastic fibers of the skin are separated from each other. As a result, deep cracks and sagging that cause aesthetically negative looking occurs. These cracks and sags will have different consequences. Skin sagging and deformities due to loosening of the muscles occurs along with the accumulation of fat, which does not improve despite diet and exercise.

Back lift surgery is performed especially for deep cracks and sags that do not look nice on the skin. It will be a useful method for loosening the back skin and muscles. It is also an operation that works in taking precautions against the skin and subcutaneous tissue that overflow from underwear, swimwear and dresses. This surgery is suitable for both men and women. It has many advantages. After the operation, the upper body skin as well as its tissue will look much healthier, younger and tighter. Although scars occur after the surgery, we should also state that each of them remains under underwear. Self-melting stitches are used in the surgery. Besides, scars differ in the quality of the skin. As with many aesthetic operations, we should be clear that the scars that occur after surgery will take nine to 12 months to heal. In other words, there will be no scars in about one year after surgery.

How is back lift surgery performed?

In case of excessive sagging of the skin, back lift surgery is performed. It is an operation performed under general anesthesia. It takes two hours. Although it is not a risky operation, the patient must stay in the hospital overnight. The wound areas that occurs after the surgery are supported with a sports corset for about four weeks.

Back aesthetic operations includes all the procedures applied for aesthetic purposes in the back area. First of all, liposuction is performed in the back and shoulder areas. In this way, the size is reduced. Also, as we mentioned above, if there is excessive weight gain and loss, sagging occurs in skin of the back and armpit. Back lift procedures can be applied for these regions without wasting time.

Two different methods are used in back aesthetic surgeries, liposuction and lifting method in cases of excessive sagging skin. We can say that the need to remove excess fat from the back also arises in this context. The excess in the back area shows itself with the unpleasant appearance in this area. Especially in the backless dresses worn by women, fullness on the back and overflowing under the armpits will occur. For many women, we have to express that this look can be a nightmare. As a result, back aesthetic surgery becomes necessary for this reason. We can say that candidates with dense fat accumulation and sagging in the back area are suitable for this operation.

Back aesthetic surgery is an operation in which the liposuction method can be used. It covers the removal of fat from the armpits, over the shoulder blades, the sides of the breast and the bra line areas that extend under the breast. With liposuction, it is aimed to reduce the back area of the body. However, as we mentioned before, in some cases, fat intake alone will not be enough. Back lifting operation, which involves the removal of excess skin along the line extending from the bra line to the shoulder blades, can also be performed to people who frequently gain and lose weight and have severe sagging in their skin.

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We should clarify that facilitating technologies such as laser, vaser and power liposuction are used in the procedures for fat removal from the back area. Thick skin of the back area and strong connective tissue is among the factors that make the operation difficult. It is necessary to make a serious effort in order to decompose, break down and pull the fat tissue in the region. Therefore, back lifting surgery must be performed by a surgeon who has been doing this for years and has a high level of experience. Also, the operation is done at a hospital settings. The presence of laser, ultrasound and mechanical vibrator devices at the hospital is required. We should state that without such devices, the operation will be done with difficulties.

What to be considered after back lift surgery?

After the back fat removal and back lifting surgery, the patient should pay attention to his health. In other words, the patients must protect themselves. As in other aesthetic operations, a corset should be used after back lifting. Also, showering is never recommended during the first three days. After the third day, the patient can take a shower provided that it shouldn’t be for a long time. After the back lifting surgery, some swelling and bruises will be seen in the back area. However, it is not an issue to be considered seriously. Because of the bruising and swelling in the back will pass within ten days at the latest.

It is also wondered when the patients will return to their normal life after the back lifting operation. At this point, there will be no problem with returning to normal life within the second day of the operation. However, as can be expected, the patients need to protect themselves from certain activities. It is not recommended to do active sports, especially during the first four weeks. Also, lifting weights that could damage the back should never be allowed.

How to decide for back lift surgery?

Back lift surgery is often performed for people who gain and loss weight due to health problems. It is a useful operation to get rid of unpleasant cracks and sags. However, first of all, those who want to have this surgery should have realistic expectations. We can say that a patient who knows which areas in the back are disturbed aesthetically then transfers these info to the surgeon will achieve much more efficient results.