Both in Turkey and widespread all over the world are offended of prominent ear problems, in life also many people are offended because of the that as well. We cannot say that this problem is a disease. It has no effect on the general functioning of the body. However, it bothers individuals quite aesthetically. For this reason, prominent ear aesthetic operations are frequently encountered in aesthetic surgery clinics, especially in the 2010s.

- Surgery to correct a prominent ear deformity is called "otoplasty."  The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia in around an hour. It is a painless and uncomplicated operation.

Prominent ear aesthetic operations have also become popular due to the increase of medical facilities and aesthetic operations becoming easier with each passing day. In the past years, those who suffered from prominent ear problems saw this as destiny. However, today nobody has such an obligation. This problem is treated in a short time thanks to modern and simple techniques. The prominent ear, which creates self-confidence problems for people due to its aesthetic problem appearance, also causes a decrease in the self-esteem of the person. As a result, the best solution for the individual to lead a better social life will be prominent ear aesthetic operations.

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Why does Ear problems occur?

Another name for the prominent ear problem is flail ear. We can say that it is the most common problem in the ear area. It occurs because the cartilages in the ear area are loose or the ear folds are insufficient. The ear with a loose structure, stands leaning forward or to the side. Therefore, a non-aesthetic appearance emerges. We have to express that it is usually seen in both ears. For some people, it only occurs in one ear. The prominent ear problem is solved for women by covering this area with their open hair. However, men are not so lucky. Therefore, we have to express that men resort to plastic surgery in order to correct this problem. Prominent ear is a problem that must be avoided due to the aesthetic problems that causes. We can say that it is eliminated by simple aesthetic operations with the possibilities of modern medicine.

Prominent ear is not a problem that occurs later. We can say that it is congenital. In other words, it occurs due to genetic factors. Especially for those who have prominent ear problems with their parents, the presence of this problem is more common. Problems that cause prominent ears are as follows:

  • First of all, the very wide angle between the bone behind the ear and the auricle causes this problem.
  • As we mentioned above, the loose structure of the ear cartilages causes the prominent ear problem.
  • In addition to the absence of folds in the upper part of the ear, the fact that the auricle has a flat structure as if it has been ironed is one of the factors that create the prominent ear problem.

In addition to all these, some studies conducted in recent years have yielded different results. It has been determined that the looseness of the ear muscles that causes the prominent ear problem has a relation with the level of estrogen hormone in the blood. However, it is not yet possible to be clear that there is any concrete evidence on this matter!

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How is Prominent Ear Surgery performed?

Prominent ear problem is a problem that will affect all person’s life from birthday. However, thanks to the development of the conditions, it has been eliminated with extremely simple techniques today. Prominent ear problem is an important problem especially for children in school age. It is imperative to solve it with the right technique at the right time. In addition, we should state that the operation does not pose any risk if it is performed by a plastic surgeon who is expert in the field, the operation process will be completed without any problems. Prominent ear aesthetic operations are performed in a hospital environment as can be expected. It can be performed under general or local anesthesia, considering the age and other characteristics of the patient. The duration of prominent ear surgery varies according to the size of the problem. However, we must emphasize that it is an operation that usually takes between 45 and 90 minutes. There is no situation requiring observation at the hospital after the operation finishes.

Prominent ear aesthetic operations can be applied in front of or behind the ear, depending on the ear structure, and the surgeon’s preferred technique. At this point, an operation can be made to meet the requirements of the problem. First, the ear cartilages are properly shaped. The ear is positioned backwards. After prominent ear aesthetic operations, special bands are attached to the ear for one or two hours. However, these tapes are removed within a short time. In addition, the incisions made during surgery remain only behind the ear. In other words, we should say that there is no situation that can cause any aesthetic problem.

There is no risk of prominent ear aesthetics. There will be no problem that will affect hearing after the surgery. It is possible for the person who had the operation to continue his/her normal life without any problems. Prominent ear surgery is performed extremely simple and quickly. The healing process takes a maximum of two weeks. With the completion of this process, the prominent ear appearance will disappear completely. In other words, a natural and proper ear image will emerge for the person who had the operation.

“Prominent Ear problem is a problem that will affect every person’s life from birth. However this problem is being fixed today with very simple techniques“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz

How long is the healing time after Prominent Ear surgery?

One of the most curious things for those who want to have prominent ear surgery is how long the recovery period after the operation. Especially those who do not want others to know that they have had this surgery are curious about the recovery period. Since prominent ear surgery is performed extremely quickly and simply, the healing process is also short. We should say that in cases where general anesthesia is not applied, the patient can continue his/her life on the same day.

The incisions made in scoop ear aesthetic operations are the type that do not require stitches. Therefore, the recovery period is two weeks at most. In addition, after the operation within a day or two, the patient can take a shower considering that it should not take too long. There is no harm in returning to normal life after one week at the latest. However, it is essential to protect the ears from external influences after the operation. In this way, the success rate of the operation will increase. As a result, after prominent ear surgery, natural and healthy ears will be obtained as desired by the person. In addition to resolving the aesthetic appearance of the work, being extremely happy and peaceful will come to the fore.

How much is the cost of Prominent Ear surgery?

After providing information about prominent ear surgery, we should explain the cost of the operation. Prominent ear surgery is also performed in state hospitals. However, even if this operation is performed in a public hospital, it will not be a hundred percent free of charge. Thanks to insurance, it is possible to benefit from it for this operation. Also, we should clarify that the state does not cover all kind of aesthetic operations.

For prominent ear surgery, you should not necessarily think about issues such as insurance coverage. Although this operation was expensive especially in the past years, it is not possible to say the same in today’s conditions. Because, it is possible to have prominent ear surgery almost with the same amount of money for a smartphone. In addition, prices may differ depending on whether the operation will be performed for a single or double ear. In some cases, the person’s earlobe can be intervened.


It is extremely important that which doctor you prefer for prominent ear aesthetics! If you work with a highly experienced doctor in the field, you will get one hundred percent efficiency from the operation. So, you have to set aside the cost of the operation.