Plastic surgeries are becoming more common every day. Therefore, aesthetic problems are not a problem anymore. In the process that started with nose and ear aesthetic operations, neck lift operation has also become popular after abdominal and arm stretching operations. It should be noted that patients will be healthier thanks to neck lift surgery.

What is neck lift surgery?

Neck lift surgery is an important solution, especially for people over a certain age. With aging, sagging occurs on the neck skin as well as on the face. Therefore, the angle between the neck and the chin disappears. This is often seen in people who gain and lose weight. In addition, the skin under the neck becomes slack in earlier ages for those with a small lower jaw. The same problem is encountered for people who are overweight. For people who have these kinds of problems, fat in the area called jowl under the chin is added to the skin.

Neck lift surgery is frequently performed for women aged 55 and over. There are visible signs of aging in the face and neck for women at this age. In addition, we can express that the symptoms occur as deep wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, ringing under the eye, the smile lines reaching a level that they can be noticed from far away, the lower rim of the mouth due to sagging, the squaring of the jaw corners due to the abundance of skin, the formation of vertical bands on the neck, the formation of a pouch-like skin under the chin.

 As a result, face, eyelid, and neck lifting procedures are performed simultaneously for those who complain of such findings. In other words, both aesthetic appearance and a healthier life are aimed.

How is Neck Lift surgery performed?

Neck lift surgery is an operation that requires very serious experience. It is important that the surgeon who will be performing this operation is someone who has performed such surgeries before and has been successful in doing them. During neck lift surgery, an incision is made starting from the front of the ear to the back of the ear. It is aimed to liberate the face and neck skin. Since it is a classic surgery, a surgical incision opens towards the scalp behind the ear. Face and neck skin are stretched upwards from this part. It is fixed with the help of stitches through the skin.

Excess skin is removed during neck lift surgery. Re-sewing is done. With this process, wrinkles and sagging on the neck are eliminated. As a result, a more aesthetic and taut neck appearance is obtained. In addition, since the surgical incision is opened behind the ear, it will never be visible when viewed from the outside. During the surgery, the jaw is made more pronounced with the prostheses placed on the tip of the chin. In other words, the facial shape is restored.

“It is possible for some special cases to perform facelift, eyelid, and neck lift in the same session “
Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz

What should be considered after a neck lift operation?

As we said before, neck lift surgery is a serious operation. In addition to the experience of the doctor, there are factors that the patient should pay attention to before, during, and after the surgery.

Possible scars will be minimized during the surgery by using special sutures and dressing materials. Surgical incisions are made along natural skin folds. Therefore, the skin folds behind the ear and on the scalp are hidden. In other words, they don’t get too much attention. However, as with any operation, complications may occur after neck lift surgery. Problems such as bleeding, infection, and skin loss are likely to occur. We can clarify that the wound healing time will be delayed if such complications occur. In other words, some marks may be permanent.

There are different issues to be considered after neck lift surgery. One day after the operation, a drain is removed to prevent the accumulation of fluids in the area behind the ear. In addition, ice is applied in order to speed up the healing process. The patient can be discharged on the second day after the operation. Sunglasses can be worn for protection during discharge. A week after the operation, stitches on the face and eyelids can be removed. Metal stitches are removed after the tenth day. Taking a bath for the first few days is risky. However, you can take a bath after two or three days, considering that it should not take too long.

It is possible to return to life as soon as possible after neck lift surgery. It is natural to experience numbness in the face during the first few weeks. In addition, the patient must be careful to his/her movements. It is essential that she/he does not force themselves too much while doing makeup or housework. Also, heavy housework activities and sex life should be avoided for at least two weeks. In addition, activities such as alcohol, steam bath, and sauna should definitely be avoided. Using sunscreen cream is another necessary issue. Sun cream should be used regularly for up to six months after the operation.

It is very natural that swelling or bruising occurs after any aesthetic operations. However, we must be clear that these swelling and bruises will disappear within three weeks at the latest. In addition, there are those who wonder how long they will be able to return to work after the operation. After an average of 10 days or two weeks of rest, there is no harm if the patient wants to go to work.

Are there any risks for Neck Lift surgery?

As we mentioned before, there are possible risks that may arise after neck lift surgery. First of all, bleeding may occur rarely. There is a risk of bleeding during or after the surgery. In such cases, emergency drainage treatment should be applied. Also, a blood transfusion may be required. The use of aspirin and similar drugs should be stopped ten days before the operation because it increases the risk of bleeding.

It should be noted that the probability of infection during neck lift surgery is not very high. However, if infection occurs, additional antibiotic therapy or surgical intervention will be required. Besides, there may be a bad scar after the operation. Additional treatments may be needed to completely remove these scars.

As a result, neck lift surgery will be carried out without any problems if it is carried out by considering the above details. Their prices are also suitable for every budget.