Thanks to aesthetic operations, people have the chance to get rid of congenital or subsequent deformities. A different aesthetic operation is becoming popular every day. At this point, we can say that chin enlargement surgery is preferred by many people.

What is Chin Enlargement surgery?

People get the chance to get rid of the problems they experience with their chins thanks to this operation that performed by aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists. In other words, it is about an operation performed to bring the shape changes that individuals need in their chins. It is usually done by plastic surgeons. With this surgery, it becomes possible to shape the chin. Besides, the aesthetics of the face are balanced. With chin augmentation aesthetic operations, it becomes possible to enlarge the chinbone and to eliminate functional disorders in the chin. During the operation, an implant is placed in the chinbone. By this way, the desired change is achieved in the chin bones.

How is Chin Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Chin augmentation surgery is a similar process with other aesthetic operations. As we mentioned before, it is done by specialist surgeons. We can say that it can be performed at the clinic or hospital environment equipped with the necessary hygiene conditions that will allow plastic surgery intervention. Before the operation, the patient should take x-ray photos for the face and chin. In this way, it can be decided which areas will be operated.

The incisions required for chin enlargement surgery are made through the mouth or in the lower area of the chin. However, if there is an implant placement situation, physicians intervene. A sac is created under the muscles between the chinbones. In this way, the implant is placed in this pouch. We have to say that the chin enlargement methods are different between each patient. In other words, the decision is made after considering the characteristics of the patient. The implant is placed by filling it with biological fluid according to the preferred chin augmentation method. The incisions are then sewn closed. Chin augmentation surgery usually takes between one to three hours. In cases where the cut is made inside the mouth, no scar or any stitch marks are encountered.

Chin enlargement surgery is performed as described above. As with any aesthetic operation, there is the possibility of some complications for this operation. We have to say that there are no big risks. Bruises may be encountered in the area where the operation was performed. In addition, swelling occurs in the operated areas. We can say that implant slippage is another risk factor. It should be stated that implant slippage occurs the most after chin augmentation surgeries. At this point, such a risk will not occur if the operation is performed by an experienced doctor. In addition, damage to the teeth may occur. This risk also arises when the operation is performed by an inexperienced plastic surgeon. Finally, we should say that loss of sensation in the chin area is among the possible risks of this operation.

“Designing the Jaw to fit the structure of the face is done through many procedures, the most important one is the chin operation”

What should be known about Chin Enlargement operations?

Since chin augmentation surgery is an operation that is announcing its name, many people are doing research about this surgery. At this point, it is forbidden for hospitals, aesthetic clinics, rehabilitation and treatment centers approved by the Ministry of Health to provide information on the price of this operation, especially in the internet. In other words, those who intend to have an operation should contact the doctor who will perform the operation. In addition, there are multiple issues affecting the prices of chin augmentation surgery. It is imperative to consult with a doctor, a specialist in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Only after the examination phase, it becomes clear how much this operation will cost. Today, this operation is performed in many aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics. Therefore, we can say that the prices appeal to everyone’s budget.

The question of who can undergo chin augmentation surgery is especially wondered by those who are considering to do this operation. However, this operation is not suitable for everyone. We can say that it is applied for chin structure disorders that occur after a congenital or subsequent trauma. In addition, it is also curious whether the chin enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. At this point, we can clarify that general anesthesia will be preferred if an implant is placed in the chin during chin augmentation operation. However, in some cases, local anesthesia may be preferred. Especially if the patient does not want to feel any pain, the best method would be general anesthesia.

There are some risks in chin enlargement surgery as it is in other aesthetic operations. However, we should point out that there are no serious risks. In addition, the plastic surgery specialist who will be performing the operation explains the risks of the operation to the patient in details. It is also wondered how long the patient will recover after the operation. It is extremely normal for the patient to experience pain and weakness for a while after the operation. At this point, we should be clear that the pain that occurs will decrease if the painkillers prescribed by the doctor are used after the operation. After the chin enlargement surgery, the patient can return to his/her old life within ten days at most. He/ she can come to a level where he/ she can do the job that they were doing before the operation. However, the patient must pay attention to his / her nutrition for a few days after the operation. During this period, it should be fed with more liquid and puree types of food.

After the chin enlargement surgery, the patient will recover within six weeks at the latest. Possible swelling in the chin will usually disappear and return to normal within six weeks. At this point, how long the patient will recover depends on the chin enlargement surgery that been performed by the surgeon. It may also be possible to break the patient’s chinbone during chin augmentation surgery. However, this possibility is extremely rare. Because, generally, there will be no need to break the chin since the implant is placed.

Are the Chin Enlargement aesthetic surgeries common?

In the 2020s, Chin aesthetic operations are preferred by both celebrities and normal people. In other words, its popularity increasing day after day. Thanks to chin aesthetic operations, people get rid of both deformities in their chins and have a much more beautiful face. This operation is directly related to the person’s facial structure. Therefore, it must be done in accordance with the structure of the face.


Chin enlargement aesthetic operations are performed when the person’s chin is larger than a certain ratio. During this operation, some evaluations are made according to the patient’s nose-lip-chin relationship. Also, the condition of the teeth is also evaluated. After the chin enlargement surgery, swelling and bruises that usually occur after the first week are reduced. After the third week, we can say that the chin form becomes visible. This operation, performed inside the mouth or under the chin, will also affect the eating habits of the patients. At this point, it is recommended that patients should be hydrated for three to five days. As additional, there is no situation of inability to speak, as patients are concerned about, after chin augmentation surgery. Because this operation has no effect related to speech.

Chin enlargement surgery has a positive effect to other parts in the face. Those who aim to give a flawless appearance to their chin will have their chins designed according to their facial features at the end of this operation.

Another question is, whether the face shape will change after the chin aesthetic operations. At this point, we should mention that a chin suitable for everyone’s facial structure was designed with the operation. In other words, there is an adaptation of the chin to the face.

Chin Lift with Thread

Thread lifting, which is less known yet beneficial, Let’s not forget that in this procedure, as in other procedures, there may be swelling after the operation, and these swellings will disappear within a few weeks. 

Chin Augmentation Aesthetic Surgery (Chin Rasping – Chin Implant) Prices 2024 Turkey, Istanbul

Chin augmentation aesthetic surgery (Chin rasping – Chin Implant) prices are affected by many factors such as the location of the clinic in Istanbul where the operation is performed, the materials used, the combination with other treatments, the experience of the aesthetic and plastic surgeon and the exchange rate. Our patients who want to have chin augmentation surgery at affordable prices in Turkey, Istanbul can contact our aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic for an appointment.