Rhninoplasty (nose aesthetic) surgery is becoming more popular every day due to the development of technological opportunities, especially the social media effect, and many other factors. A person’s face; it is the most striking part of his/her body. Deformities on the face could create a lot of problems in both psychologically and aesthetically. That’s one of many reasons why nose aesthetic surgeries become very important also due to the increase in the number of people who do not want to see deformities as their fate. As well as the field of medicine is improving day after day.

Rhinoplasty surgery meets the aesthetic expectations of people and also solves their breathing problems if they have any. Or if the person who is breathing in a healthy way however is not satisfied with their nose can have the surgery in order to reach the dream nose shape they dreamed about.

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Rhinoplasty Istanbul Turkey

What is Rhinoplasty surgery? Why is it done in Istanbul Turkey?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a "nose job," is a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of the nose. This procedure is ideal for individuals wishing to modify the shape or size, improve the profile, or correct an injury or birth defect of the nose. Rhinoplasty can be a very successful surgery for those who have realistic expectations and who choose an experienced and skilled surgeon. Aside from the physical aspects, rhinoplasty can also affect a person's self-esteem and confidence. Recovery from surgery typically takes about two weeks, during which time the patient may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. The result of surgery can take up to 6–12 months to become apparent. If you are considering a nose job, the information provided here can be a useful starting point.

surgery to correct congenital or acquired defects of the nose.

The photo is taken 2 months after rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a separate type of plastic surgery to correct congenital or acquired defects of the nose. Rhinoplasty can be used to solve nasal breathing problems, correct the external consequences of trauma, and correct the appearance for aesthetic reasons.

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries and can address a variety of concerns related to the nose’s appearance and function. Comparing with other aesthetic surgeries we can say that nose aesthetic (rhinoplasty) surgeries are the most preferred ones to do. Nose aesthetic surgeries are applied in order to eliminate deformities that are congenital, occurring or manifested due to trauma. In additional, nose aesthetic surgeries are performed to solve respiratory disorder problems. Regardless of the reason for nose aesthetics surgeries, it is aimed that the respiratory tract in the nose will fulfill its duty fully after the operation. In addition, it is aimed to change the shape of a part of the nose, especially to reshape the nose with the eliminate deformities. You can have it in Istanbul, Turkey, in terms of the best surgeons and affordable prices.

Nose Aesthetic surgery (Rhinoplasty): Although it is a highly preferred operation, however it is not possible for everyone to benefit from this surgery. First of all, it should be checked whether the person’s nasal tissue is suitable for aesthetic surgery or not. Therefore, a physical examination performed by the surgeon before the surgery is a must. In the end of the day rhinoplasty (nose job) is an extremely complicated operation. In order to have the best result, it has to be performed by a surgeon who has done this operation many times and is expert in the field should be sought. In addition, it is necessary to wait between 6 and 12 months for the final result. If the expected result cannot be obtained after the operation, a second operation is applied.

There are two different reasons for performing rhinoplasty surgery . This process is applied in order to solve the problems related to breathing which could be caused due to birth or a deformity that occurs later. In addition, we should explain that this operation is performed because the person is uncomfortable with the appearance of his/her nose. Rhinoplasty operation is required due to a lot of reasons such as curvature in the nasal bone part, deformities in the cartilage structure, and having an excessively large nose.

If Rhinoplasty is performed due to aesthetic concerns, it should be stated before the operation depending on patients’ personal preferences. Although there are people who are satisfied with the appearance of their nose even though their nose is larger than normal, there are also those who think to reduce their nose with plastic surgery even though they have a normal nose. As a result, we should state that the nose aesthetic operation, which become popular especially in the 2010s, was performed for both health and aesthetic reasons.


Contrary to what is assumed, rhinoplasty surgery is performed with very simple touches

How to perform Rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul, Turkey?

Rhinoplasty nose job surgery istanbul turkey

Ultrasonic piezo technique with Open Approach First year result!

Contrary to what is supposed to be, nose aesthetics is a type of operation performed with very simple touches. Therefore, it is not an issue that would require those who are considering an operation to be afraid. Since it is performed under general anesthesia, it is not possible for the patient to feel any pain or anxiety. Depending on the surgeon’s preference and the patient’s age, local anesthesia can also be applied. Rhinoplasty operation usually takes two hours long. However, it is a process that continues for almost a day, with pre-operative preparations and post-operative procedures.

Today, there are two different methods that are widely preferred in rhinoplasty operations:

Open rhinoplasty is often preferred. In this method, the area in question is intervened with a small incision between the nostrils. With this incision, the surgeon’s field of vision is increased. Open rhinoplasty is suitable for people who have previously undergone rhinoplasty surgery or have severe deformity in their nose. The surgeon’s wide angle of view is a factor that makes this method successful. However, it should be said that the recovery period of patients who prefer to be operated using this method is long. In addition, troublesome processes such as bruising and edema are more likely to occur after the operation.

Closed Rhinoplasty is applied with an incision that will remain in the nostrils. It should be said that the surgeon’s angle of view is more limited in this method. However, we should state that it is preferred due to the lack of any leave after the operation and due to limited recovery period. Closed rhinoplasty is preferred for operations where deformities are smaller in size.

rhinoplasty for our gorgeous patient from Australia 🇦🇺. She had a nose with thick skin. What a nice change


What should be considered after Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty is more problem-free compared to other aesthetic operations. However, pain is inevitable after the surgery. Pain medication is provided to the patient by the surgeon without waiting for the effect of anesthesia to go. After the operation, the medications recommended by the doctor should be used completely. It is not recommended to stand up for four to six hours after the rhinoplasty operation.

It is essential to have a companion with the patient during and after the rhinoplasty operation. Because, the first time the patient stands up, it may be possible to feel dizzy or blurry. In addition, there is a problem of blood discharge from the nasal passages. Problems such as nausea and vomiting may occur due to unintentional swallowing of bleeding. In fact, it is possible to experience symptoms such as bloody vomiting and very dark stools.

Touching moments with our charming patient. After the rhinoplasty procedure, the essential instructions on how to take care of the nose for seven days and beyond are given to her.

If you have been considering getting rhinoplasty surgery, it can be a life-changing decision. Being informed about potential outcomes is important in cosmetic surgery. In this video, we shared a before and after look at what to expect from rhinoplasty surgery. Our goal is to help you have realistic expectations and feel confident in your decision.


After the rhinoplasty operation, a very short time should be waited for patients in order to continue their normal life. Six hours after the operation, in cases where there is no nausea, watery foods such as soup and Ayran can be consumed little by little. If desired, water can also be drunk. However, no matter what, it is essential to eat liquid food, especially during the first few days. After the operation, the occurrence of swelling and bruises in certain parts of the face should not be worried about it, especially under the eyes and around the nose. Because these types of symptoms occur as a requirement of the operation. Swelling and bruises will disappear spontaneously as time passes. However, the pillow should be kept high to prevent bleeding. In addition, no water should be drawn into the nose for the first 15 days. Blowing is another dangerous behavior.

It is very natural for the nose to remain blocked after nasal aesthetics. A patient who pays attention to all these and is aware of the possible risks that may arise after the operation will not have any problems. It is not recommended to use glasses for an average of six months after the operation in order to reach the desired shape of the nose.

What is the estimated time to recover after Rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul?

Since nose aesthetics operation (Rhinoplasty surgery) is not a very risky operation, the recovery period is shorter than other aesthetic operations. However, it should be declared that the recovery time varies depending on the size of the operation. It is possible for patients to get up and walk around within four to six hours, and if there is no nausea or vomiting during this period, eating is also allowed.

One year after rhinoplasty surgery of our dear patient from England

One year after rhinoplasty surgery of our dear patient from England

Patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty operation are discharged on the same day if they wish. However, it would be the right decision to keep them under observation overnight. After the operation, tampons are placed inside the nose. These protective tampons are removed after one or two up to seven days passes after the operation. It depends on each patient case.

As a result, those who want to undergo rhinoplasty surgery must know the above details.


Is Rhinoplasty Safe?

Yes. Healing after rhinoplasty surgery – commonly referred to as nose job procedures – varies significantly for every individual and usually takes between several weeks and months before results become visible. At first after surgery, patients may experience swelling, bruising and facial discomfort that will usually subside within two weeks while any residual bruising will gradually fade. As residual swelling can remain for some time post-surgery, especially around the nasal tip area, patients must strictly comply with their surgeon’s post-op instructions which may involve wearing a cast to support and protect it during its healing phase.

Avoid strenuous activities and care for the nose properly by keeping it clean, protecting it against accidental trauma and taking preventative steps to keep it in good shape. Over time, your nose will continue to evolve into its final form, and most individuals should see full results of their rhinoplasty within six to twelve months post surgery. Regular follow up visits with your surgeon are crucial in order to track recovery and address any concerns or queries throughout this timeframe.

How long does Rhinoplasty last?

The complexity of the operation and the surgeon’s experience can affect how long a nose rhinoplasty surgery takes. Generally speaking, the procedure can take one to three hours to finish.
In order to access the nose’s bone and cartilage, the surgeon will create incisions throughout the procedure. The tissue will then be removed, rearranged, or new tissue will be added to the nose to give it the appropriate form.
The patient will usually need to promote the healing process by wearing a nose splint for around one week following surgery. The nose may take several months to heal completely and show the full effects of the surgery, even though the first recovery phase usually lasts one to two weeks. For the greatest result, it’s critical to adhere to your surgeon’s aftercare recommendations and schedule follow-up sessions.

Ethnic Female Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is an aesthetic nose surgery carried out to change the nasal appearance of people with different facial anatomy. Such as Asian or African. In traditional rhinoplasty, for Caucasian individuals, nose reduction bone and cartilage elimination is commonly performed. On the contrary, in ethnic rhinoplasty, nasal augmentation through rib cartilage addition to an accurately flattened nose, nostrils, or different aesthetic defects is usually performed. 

The 4th month result of #asianethnicrhinoplasty of our lovely patient from Indonesia

What to do before and after nose surgery?

Op.Dr. Serif Yavuz describes what to do to the nose both before and after, as you can see in the video here. Remember that these procedures were planned and discussed in advance after an evaluation with the patient during a face-to-face or online consultation. Depending on the alterations to the nose and its structure, the surgery can last between 2 and 4 hours. And it is less complicated than the majority of surgical and cosmetic procedures.

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