Face and body aesthetics are becoming more popular every day. However, we can talk about the existence of hands whose importance is perhaps not noticed in aesthetic operations. If deemed necessary, aesthetic operations can be performed for the hands, which are known as the moistest anatomical area. A serious progress has been made in the aesthetic sector with the developments in laser and filling applications, especially in medical aesthetics. However, these applications were mostly applicable to the face and body. Today, we can say that they are also used for hands. The treatment of spots on the hands, especially the rejuvenation of the hands, and applying fillers in the hands are important aesthetic procedures.

Considering the developments in the aesthetic sector and the expectations of the patients, different methods have been used for hands. We should explain that the same procedures are used for the hands, whatever the skin renewal procedures are in every part of the body, especially the face and neck. Among the applications we have mentioned, especially in recent years, fat injection has been the most striking.

How is fat injection performed in Fat Injection In The Hands surgery?

Fat injection can be applied for different parts in the body, especially the face. At first, fat is taken from the donor area of fat in order to injected to the hand. Then, 12 to 15 ml of fat is injected for each hand. Hands must be sterilized before the application. In the next stage, local anesthesia is applied as it is in any other aesthetic operations. More precisely, by looking at which hand and which part of the hand to be treated, local anesthesia is started to be performed to that area.

With the determination of the local anesthesia point, 10 ml of fat is injected under the skin from this point. Then, it is aimed to distribute the fat homogeneously on the back of the hand by massaging it towards the fingertips. Compressing or closed dressing on the hand, as it is in any other aesthetic operations, is not encountered in fat injection to the hand. At this point, we should state that there is no risk of fat injection in the hand. Because the patient can continue his/her normal life one or two hours after the operation. However, whatever happens, there is a possibility of edema. Uncommon edema lasts between three to seven days. In additional, some bruises may be encountered in the applicational area. The bruises we mentioned will pass in at least five to two weeks.

Fat cysts may also develop after fat injection in the hand. However, it is possible to get rid of cysts under local anesthesia. As a result, this operation is both successful and ends quickly. It meets the expectations due to the fact that the yield rate is close to one hundred percent. However, we can talk about the existence of those who still do not get the results they want. At this point, applications can be applied again. It is recommended to perform these applications after at least three, at most six months.

Things to know about Fat Injection In The Hand Surgery.

Hands attract attention as the area that gives the most age of people. Especially with aging, we can say that the subcutaneous tissue on the dorsum of the hand decreases. In addition of thinning of the skin, the appearance of the vessels and blemishes on the skin start to appeal. As a result, aesthetic experts advise some hand rejuvenation operations for those who want to have a healthy and aesthetic appearance as it is in their earlier ages.

Fat injection in the hand can be applied to all patients with signs of aging on their hands. If the patient complains of problems such as loss of subcutaneous tissue, thinning and wearing of the skin, and skin staining, they can also benefit from this operation. Fat injections is one of the main hand rejuvenation processes. This operation is applied by many people first, fat tissue is taken from the body After some processes, it is concentrated and given to the back of the hand. Soft tissue loss is repaired thanks to the fat tissue given. In addition, the tissues will renew themselves in a short time thanks to the stem cells in the non-condensed adipose tissue.

Fat injections are made by more clinics every day. At this point, we should say that it is performed in the operating room environment and under local anesthesia or sedation. It is an operation that takes at most one hour. It must be clarified that it does not cause any pain. Patients who are sent home in the same day do not need to be observed at the hospital. Swelling and bruising are noticeable in just a few days. Patients who want to take a bath can do have it in the next day. The patient is recommended to use plenty of moisturizer and sunscreen after the operation. In some cases, fat injection may not provide sufficient fullness. In such cases, extra applications may be required.

Another question is wondered about in fat injection in the hand is whether the results of the application are permanent! At this point, we can say that some of the fat that been handled during the process is lost. However, if there is no problem, the targeted fullness is achieved in one session. Given stem cells that been given during the fat injection cause a permanent renewal of the hand skin.

“Fat Injection In The Hands surgery become the most noticeable in, especially in recent years.”
Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz

What does the success of Fat Injection In The Hands surgery depend on?

There are multiple techniques of fat injection. Fat is taken only with special liposuction injectors that are used for this procedure. It is transferred to another injector and injected into its new location. There will be no need for incision and stitches. Only local anesthesia is sufficient.

Although fat injection in the hand is usually successful, the success of this method depends on the tools and used technique. It was very normal for the given fat to melt. However, until the last years we can say that this situation has disappeared with the development of technological conditions. In other words, the probability of the given fat to retain increased. The presence of specially prepared needles has increased the quality of this process. There are also different details such as the size of the injectors where the fat is given and the pressure applied, especially the non-contact of the taken cells with air.

The possibility of complications after fat injection in the hand is extremely low. We should mention that small abscesses could be seen in that area even if there is a complication. In such cases, dressings and antibiotics will be sufficient as a treatment. Fat melting emerges as the most serious problem. It is quite normal to see asymmetry in the area due to the homogeneous melting of the given fat. The melting of fat does not cause any health problems. Nevertheless, the process can be repeated if desired.

As mentioned before, the success of fat injection is closely related to the techniques and tools to be applied in fat removal. Although there are many techniques, the procedure that causes the least damage to fat cells that should be applied.

Fat injection in the hand rates attract attention as another wondered point. Yet, we can say that prices vary depending on the clinic or hospital where the transaction is performed. Fat injection technique is only one of the factors affecting fat filling. However, the prices of fat injection in the hand are lower compared to the fat injection to the face. There is a higher rate for face applications under general anesthesia. However, such a situation is not encountered in hand fat injection.

As a result, there should be no doubt about fat injection in hand, which is becoming more popular every day! In particular, we can clarify that the level of permanence has increased thanks to technological possibilities. Therefore, the patient will get the full value for their money.