Istanbul is one of the most preferred cities in plastic surgery. Istanbul has proven its success in nose aesthetics (Rhinoplasty) both in Turkey and in the world. For this reason, patients who want to have rhinoplasty surgery generally want to learn the suggestions and recommendations from aesthetic doctors in Istanbul. Rhinoplasty centers and aesthetic doctors, which stand out with their experience in the field of rhinoplasty, number of successful operations and patient satisfaction, are primarily recommended.

Istanbul Nose Job Aesthetics Surgeon Recommendation

It would be appropriate for you to also research the doctors recommended for rhinoplasty in Istanbul. If an aesthetic doctor is recommended, he must have certain qualifications. Doctors recommended for rhinoplasty should have the following characteristics:

Must receive training in the field of rhinoplasty: First of all, the training received by the aesthetic doctor comes to the fore. It is not true that every surgeon who performs plastic surgery can also perform rhinoplasty. Doctors recommended for rhinoplasty are doctors who have attended special training on nose surgery and have performed numerous nose surgeries. You should investigate whether the doctor recommended to you has training and experience in the field of rhinoplasty.

Interview and evaluation before rhinoplasty surgery: Patients who decide on rhinoplasty should first have a preliminary meeting with the recommended doctor. During this meeting, the general health condition and nose structure should be evaluated in detail by the aesthetic doctor.

Aesthetic and natural-looking nose designs: One should be careful about aesthetic doctors who distribute blue beads to every patient. Rhinoplasty is a surgery planned specifically for the individual. You cannot make the same nose design for all patients. For this reason, the recommended rhinoplasty doctor should design a nose that is natural and compatible with your facial features.

Care and follow-up after rhinoplasty surgery: The success of rhinoplasty surgery depends on time-consuming follow-up. Post-rhinoplasty care, follow-up examinations after splint and stitch removal are as important as the surgical procedure. For this reason, the doctor recommended for rhinoplasty should give you this assurance.

Evaluation of Patient Comments on Istanbul Rhinoplasty Doctor's Recommendation

For patients who want to have rhinoplasty in Istanbul, aesthetic doctor recommendations in patient comments have an important place. These comments provide data in terms of the plastic surgeon’s success, experience and relationship with the patient. Although patient satisfaction is an important reason for preference, comments about rhinoplasty in Istanbul should be evaluated carefully.

The number and quality of rhinoplasty comments may be an indication of the popularity of the aesthetic doctor. The more detailed information is given in the comments, the more comprehensive information can be obtained about the doctor. The most reliable ones are the comments made by patients who have had rhinoplasty surgery directly regarding the process they experienced. In fact, if possible, if there is an opportunity to meet one-on-one with patients who recommend an aesthetic doctor in Istanbul, it will be more guiding in choosing a doctor. You can request one-on-one meetings with the patients of the doctor you see for rhinoplasty.

Another important issue about patient comments is the objectivity of the comments. If the patient has extraordinary expectations regarding rhinoplasty, this may cause him or her to make unjustly negative comments. Since we do not know the patient’s dialogue with the aesthetic doctor, the request and the procedure performed, it may be misleading to unconditionally trust the evaluation of the patient’s result. For this reason, it would be useful to make a holistic evaluation together with patient comments, one-on-one meetings with the doctor, and the equipment the clinic has.

Istanbul Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty) Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz Privilege

Op.Dr. Şerif Yavuz is a plastic surgeon who attaches great importance to professional development and has attended dozens of courses and training programs related to his field. His knowledge, superior aesthetic perspective and experience have made him one of the most recommended rhinoplasty doctors in Istanbul. Op. is devoted to his profession with love. Dr. Şerif Yavuz is one of the most recommended aesthetic doctors for nose aesthetics in Istanbul, with high patient satisfaction.

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